Ch.Bullmoose Copper Penny

( A Reba/Tex Puppy )

She is a rising star here at Bullmoose Bullmastiffs!

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  This is Copper Penny at 10 weeks old. Her coloring is special. She is a red brindle and as mischievious as you can get. She and her brother Chipper are always into something. Brindles are a bit different. They tend to work problems out and not always the way you'd like them worked out. A bit more personality to deal with but certainly fun dogs to have around. I will continue to post pictures of her here.  


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1/22/12 Annapolis KC Edward W Hall W--3 points
3/23/12 Durham KC Beverly Capstick W--1 point
3/25/12 Fayetteville KC Mrs Andre B Schoen W--1 point
4/21/12 Old Dominion KC Brian Meyer W/OS--1 point
6/9/12 Skyline KC Edd E Bivin W/B--1 point
6/10/12 Skyline KC Jerry M Watson W/B--1 point
7/06/12 Northeastern MD KC Chuck Winslow W--1 point
7/07/12 Upper Marboro KC Catherine Bell W--2 points
8/04/12 Roanoke KC Roger Hardinger W--1 point
8/12/12 Harrisburg KC Robert E Vitter W--3 points